About Us

Memorial Hospital was founded in 1964 to serve the residents of Western Jefferson County. Shortly after its inception, Memorial Hospital was sold to Dr. Ben Carraway and the legendary Blue Star was placed on the roof. The facility was renamed to Bessemer Carraway until 2003 when UAB Health System partnered together with Bessemer Carraway to complement one of the most robust health systems in the country. 

Today, Medical West is a 310-bed acute care hospital offering a wide range of diagnostic, surgical, medical, rehabillitation, and emergency services. Primary care physicians, specialists, and sub-specialists have offices located on the Medical West main campus. Residents of Western Jefferson County and Birmingham metro area can benefit from the convenience of Medical West heath centers in their neighborhoods. At all locations, we have positions to complement every talent level. Please click here to browse our available job postings.

Above: Memorial Hospital 1964

Below: Medical West 2014


New in 2015 - Alabama's first Free Standing Emergency department located in Hoover, AL.

 Hoover Freestanding ED